Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 malaysia..

Disini saya ada dua warna (tone) border lace yang murah. Ianya 
hanya rm 10.00 per meter.

di sini saya lampirkan warna dan corak border lace yang masih dalam stock..! Grab it while u can! Boleh sms sy ke 0199554553 for more details. Tq.. (^_^)v

Untuk pembelian lebih dari 5meter, percuma 1 meter, dan termasuk untuk kos penghantaran. Cepat2.. Slagi stok masih ada..

                     BL002 (black )
                 RM 10.00 per meter

                    BL002 (turqoise )
                RM 10.00 per meter


Wassap maklumat:

Nama, Alamat, No telefon dan Item Code:

RM 10.00 per meter
Postage Sem Malaysia = RM 6.00
Postage Sabah / Sarawak = RM 8.00

PM your order to:
2. Wassap : 019-9554553

Pemegang Akaun: Wan Nadiah binti Wan Manan
Akuan Maybank: 1630 1940 7803
Akaun CIMB Bank: 0601-0006060-20-4

Selamat Maju Jaya ^_^

 Grab it while u can~!..=)

Wednesday, February 4, 2015



Utk kali ni nk share picts bg sape2 yg minat manik.. Biase manik jahit kt lengan2 baju kurung nk bg mariah kn. 

So kt sini kita letak bbrp sample jahitan yg sesuai dipadankan pada lengan baju kurung. Pilihan warna manik bergantung pada cita rasa masing2.. 

Rujukan gambar : google

Monday, February 2, 2015


Quilts are so beautiful. I’ve always admired people that can make gorgeous quilts with intricate piecing and meticulous machine-work.



Sew and Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

Wash & dry all of your fabrics before beginning. Cut a piece of the reverse fabric to match the size of the front panel. Cut your binding fabric into 2 1/4″ wide strips that are as long as the fabric is wide (44″). You’ll need 3 of these strips if using the same panel I used. Otherwise, measure the perimeter of your fabric panel to see how many strips you need for the binding.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

Someone on my Facebook page suggested that I use spray adhesive instead of pins to secure my quilt layers together and I thought that was a fabulous idea. Here’s how I did it…

I started with the reverse side. I laid my piece of quilt batting on the floor, and then laid my reverse piece of fabric over it (right side up) and smoothed it out. I folded the bottom half up (as shown in the picture above) and sprayed the fabric adhesive spray as per it’s directions on to the quilt batting. Then, I unfolded the half of the reverse fabric and smoothed it back over the batting, patting it gently down. I repeated this process with the other half.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

When the adhesive is dry, flip the quilt over and repeat this method with the front panel side (spraying the adhesive onto the batting layer). When the glue is dry you’re ready to start quilting!

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

The awesome thing about making a quilt with a fabric panel is that you don’t have to piece anything together – the work is done for you! Simply stitch through all of the layers where you think makes the most sense. Another bonus about this quilt? A baby size is a great size to start with on a standard machine – less fabric bulk to move around.

With this panel, I stitched around the large circles and the middle diamond shapes, and then on both sides of the outer border.

I found it helped to go slowly and keep my stitches on the smaller side. I held the fabric taught with my hands, but didn’t pull it too hard so that it wouldn’t stretch.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

The hardest part for me was quilting the vertical sides. By the time I’d get 2/3 of the way down, my fabric had pulled a little and the square was skewed (fabric stretches more along this grain line). I ended up having to seam rip the two bottom sides and stitch them both again, going very slowly and carefully. I even had to make very miniscule tucks to make the piece square again because the fabric had stretched. I don’t notice them now that the quilt is done, but if anyone has any tips on how to prevent this happening I’d love to hear them in the comments! My only thought is that next time I’ll make sure there is more glue on the sides and I stitch at a slower pace.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

After you’re done quilting to your liking, Trim the sides of the quilt. I left a scant 1/8″ – 1/4″ of the orange border on this panel because I knew I wanted my pink binding to cover it completely.

To make the binding, sew all of the binding strips together (wrong sides together with a 1/4″ seam). Fold the binding in half lengthwise and press.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

Start sewing the binding to the quilt in the middle of a side. Line up the raw edge of the binding with the raw edge of the quilt, leave a couple of inches (you’ll use this to join the binding together at the end) and stitch using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

When you approach a corner, sew until you are 1/4″ from the edge. Backstitch and remove the needle. Fold the binding as shown above (there will be a triangle of folded binding underneath this fold) and then begin stitching again on the new side (as shown above). iCandy Handmade explains how to bind a quilt in wonderful detail if you need more help.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

When you get to the end, stop sewing about an inch from where you began. Trim the binding so that it overlaps a couple of inches. Fold on end inward about 1/2″, and tuck the other end inside. Pin and sew to the quilt.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

Now you’re almost done – there’s just some relaxing hand-stitching to go! This was honestly my favourite part because I could relax and watch TV at night while I stitched with my feet up. Ahhhh!

Turn the binding around the edge of the quilt to the back, and hand stitch it as above (it should cover the machine stitches you’ve made). Miter the corners as you go to make them nice and crisp (I hand stitched the mitered corners shut and also stitched the join of the binding shut).

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

After you’re done, you can wash the entire quilt as I did to give it that gorgeous handmade, puckery, quilty look.

Isn’t it so very sweet? I just love the finished quilt!

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy

It’s a simple little quilt, but it’s pretty and fresh and it only took me a day to sew.

Sew an Easy Beginner's Baby Quilt by The DIY Mommy


Sunday, February 1, 2015


Hari ni alhamdulillah belajar kumpul maklumat sikit2 sebelum membuat percubaan menjahit bantal kekabu. Cuaca pun cerah jadi boleh mula untuk menjahit bantal kekabu..
Jom boleh ikuti step2 dia. Mudah dan senang. 

Siapkan dahulu sarung kekabu sebelum membuat sarung bantal. Guna mana2 kain cotton yg mudah dan senang. 

Mampatkan kekabu guna batang kayu dan pukul2 sampai kekabu mampat. Sehingga bantal jadi ala2 roti kembang gituuu.. Hehehee2.. 

Aktiviti mengeringkan kekabu sebelum dimasukkan ke dalam sarung kekabu. 

Bantal kekabu sarung karipap..

Bantal kekabu sarung poket 

Alhamdulillah, dh siap dua biji bantal kekabu. Lepas ni boleh cuba buat tilam kekabu bayi dgn bantal sisi serta kepala. Tggu post akan datang. Insyaallah..