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Dishes and cuisine in Johor are influenced by Arabs and the surrounding Malay archipelago. Some of the dishes are a unique blend of ingredients not found anywhere else in Malaysia. Due to their difficult and sometimes complicated recipes, some can only be sampled during celebrations and state banquets.

Laksa Johor
is a cuisine originated from Johor. It differs from Laksa Penang by having coconut milk added during cooking. It also differs from other laksas by using spagetti instead of rice-based noodles.

Mee Bandung Muar
is also a dish originated from Johor, specifically from Muar. The term 'bandung' is not derived from Bandung, Indonesia but is a term for anything that is mixed from many ingredients. One of the most important ingredient is dried shrimp.

Penganan Kacau keledek
is a dessert normally reserved for the Johor monarch and elites. It is made from sweet potatoes, a lot of eggs (at least 40), fresh coconut milk (not instant ones) and huge amounts of sugar. It is mixed together and stirred on a simmering heat for at least 4 hours.

Mee rebus
is the famous noodle dish which consists of Mee (a spaghetti like mixture of flour, salt and egg) and is served with a tangy, spicy brown sauce. Usually crumbs and boiled eggs are added.

A unique chicken dish that is very rare nowadays, and is normally served to the royalties and social elites of Johor at formal functions and celebrations.

is a popular food in Malaysia. Made from marinated meat or chicken and burnt on charcoal grill. Cooked satay is dipped in special peanut sauce. A favourite Malay food in Johor, mostly found in Johor Bahru and Muar.

Telur pindang
Eggs boiled together with herbs and spices, popular during wedding feasts in Johor.

Roti Jala or Roti Kirai(Wendy Li)
The name is derived from the Malay word 'roti' (bread) and 'jala' (net). A special ladle with a five-hole perforation used to make the bread looks like a fish net (picture in the works). It is usually eaten spicy with curry or sweet with 'serawa'. Serawa is made from a mixture of boiled coconut milk, brown sugar and pandan leaf.

Nasi Beriani Gam
A briyani rice dish originating from India with a cooking method very similar to Hyerabad biryani but with spices adjusted to suit the Malay palate. This dish is very popular in Batu Pahat District.

Ikan masak asam pedas
A sour stew of fish (usually mackerel), tamarind, chili, tomatoes, okra and Vietnamese coriander (Malay: daun kesum)

Kacang Pol
This dish is influenced by Arab Culture where special baked bread was served with special sauce and a 'sunny side up' egg.

Pisang Salai or Gimpi
smoked banana cooked into perfection

Steamed/Grilled fish cake usually served wrapped in sticks of coconut leaves. Two of the most popular varieties are Otak-otak Muar (spicy) and Otak-otak Gelang Patah (sweet).

Mee Soto
This Indonesian origin food is very popular in Johor. People may have change noodles with rice or vermicelli rice according to their preference. Combination of either noodle, rice or vermicelli rice is added with peanut, beansprout and chicken meat. These combination then is poured with special soup. This soup was made from chicken stock and some other spice. Enjoy it while its hot.

Mee Bakso
This is almost identical with soto, only this dish have meatball instead of slices of chicken meat.

Dish using combination of pressed rice and special coconut soup with vegetables. Served with boiled egg and chili.

It is a type of Buginese food.

Halwa Maskat
This dessert type food may be originated from muscat, Oman.

Kerutup ikan
Fish is steamed with variety of local fragrant leaves.

It is a Javanese traditional cuisine which consists of long beans, slice of cucumber, beansprout, tauhu, tempe mix with special peanut sauce.

Tauhu bakar
it is made from soybean where it is burnt on a grill and cut into cubes and dip with special sauce.

Pendaram Mee Siput
It is a mixture of flour that will expand in term of size when deep fried.

Rojak Petis
It is a combination of local vegetables mix with special black colored sauce made mostly from shrimp(Otak Udang).

ABC is abbreviation of 'Air Batu Campur' or known as Ice Kacang Johor. It is a special desserts created from shaved ice added with corn, jelly, redbeans, groundnut, syrup, pasteurized milk, and liquid chocolate.

Javanese-influenced cuisine

There are a few Johorean dishes with JAVANESE influences. These includE LONTONG, nasi ambeng and bontrot or berkat - both traditionally served after feasts like wedding ceremonies, Yasinan and others; and ungkep.

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