Wednesday, January 28, 2015


simple envelope pillow was the first sewing project I ever did (unless you count those jam shorts in middle school).

It's a perfect beginner project if you're looking to learn how to sew and the pillow can easily be taken in and out so you can change things up whenever you'd like. The process couldn't be simpler and it's a great addition to any room


  • favorite fabric (I'd use a cotton for a beginner, it's easier to work with)
  • stuff pillow
  • scissors
  • matching thread
  • iron
  • sewing machine


You'll need to cut three pieces of fabric. First measure your pillow. Mine was 13 x 13 inches. So I cut one that was 2 inches longer on each side 15 x 15. Then I cut two smaller pieces that will be the envelope. You want them the same height but shorter width by about 5 inches. So I cut two pieces of 15 x 10.

Lay down the large pieces on the bottom and then layer the two other pieces on top. This is just to get a sense of what it will look like. Trim any edges so that the four sides of the square are pretty matched up.

On each of the smaller envelope pieces you'll create a nice finished seam on one of the longer sides. Iron down about 1/2 an inch and pin. Remember you're only creating a finished seam on ONE long side for each piece. Sew along that seam.


After the finished seam are done you'll lay down the larger piece, right side facing up. Then place one of the smaller pieces on top, right side down. Place the last small piece on top of that right side down.


Now you'll pin along all four sides. The middle flaps are left open to get the pillow insert in and out. Sew 5/8ths of an inch around the perimeter where you've pinned.


Turn it right side out and it should look like this!

Now you just have to stuff your pillow inside the envelope and you're done!

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